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Starting from London in January 2016, the 2016 Global Walk'n'Roll is a series of charity walks and rolls (for wheelchair users) along the route of a 50,000km around-the-world train journey; raising vital research funds for ataxia research; and a uniting vehicle for ataxia sufferers and their supporters globally.

ALL income generated via this website (approx. 5% of the cost of every hotel booking made) helps fund this journey.

Ataxia. So what is it?

Please watch the following 5-min Ataxia UK video. All is explained. As is the amazing work currently being funded by Ataxia UK:

Ataxia is the name given to a group of neurological disorders that affect balance, coordination, and speech. There are many different types of ataxia. Ataxia is a rare genetic condition (estimates from recent studies say that there are around 10,000 adults and 500 children in the UK with a progressive ataxia).

Progressive? Symptoms get steadily worse. And sadly, there is currently no cure.

But there is good news. Ataxia UK are working very hard to find a cure for one, or all, ataxias by 2020 (their "2020 Vision").

They just need to find the funds first!

A wee bit of history.

And a personal plea from the MD.

All smiles on the Kyle Line, on Day 1 of the original journey.

This is in fact the completion of a journey I first attempted in 2013 (for my own travelling pleasure on that occasion).

The original journey, a lifelong dream of mine, was 18 months in the planning. So it would take a rather catastrophic event to derail.

And catastrophic it was.

I was reasonably able-bodied at the start of the journey (although I was already aware that something "wasn't quite right").

However, by the time I had reached Novosibirsk in Siberia (on the fabled Trans-Siberian Express), I had become rather ill.

After completing 21,000km (so not a bad effort really).

Since returning, it has taken a succession of doctors and neurologists almost 2 years to identify the cause of my illness.

And it's not really good news.

You see, I myself am suffering from a form of spinocerebellar ataxia.

Ataxia? Never heard of it? Don't worry - neither had I. And we're not alone. Around 91% of the UK population have never heard of ataxia either (one of my aims for this journey, is to put a huge dent in that 91% figure!).

So now I will attempt the entire 50,000km journey again. Only this time, accompanied by my trusty walking stick, I'm making this wee trip to raise vital research funds for ataxia research; to raise awareness of ataxia globally; and to unite ataxia sufferers and supporters worldwide (I will be participating in "Walk'n'Stroll" events in various cities along the way).

Ataxia is a rare genetic condition that can affect anyone, at any age (just a few years ago, I was healthy & rather fit!).

A cure WILL be found though. Research funds just need to be found first.

So please support the 2016 Global Walk'n'Roll in any way that you can. Thank you!

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